Three-part Webinar Series - Part 1


 Focus Air Quality and TB
 Webinar Title Working together for clean air and a healthy future
 Media Tag #cleanairfuturePH
Date Earth Day, May 5
Audience USAID mission staff, implementing partners, governments, civil society, private sector, and academicians
Geography Asia Pacific (emphasis on the Philippines), with an example from Nepal
Goal Present evidence on the climate and health nexus.
Stimulate discussion to lift barriers to climate-health cross sectoral collaboration with a clear call to action.


  • Present global evidence on the links between air pollution and TB/lung health.
  • Highlight specific evidence in Asia Pacific and the Philippines Feature best practices and policies from Asia Pacific to mitigate the effects of air quality on lung health.
  • Identify key gaps and the need for further research/interventions across different relevant sectors to inform TB prevention strategies and interventions

Speakers: See proposed agenda






5 minutes

Introduction of webinar and first speaker


Opening and introduction

Introduce the webinar topic, greet participants. Provide a big picture view of the deep interconnections between climate and health. Mention that this is the first in a 3-part series examining the climate and health nexus. Introduce the first guest speaker for welcoming remarks.

5 minutes

Welcome remarks


USAID Mission Director, Philippines

Welcome Remarks

Introducing USAID’s ‘whole of agency approach’ to addressing the climate crisis, the strong integration across sectors to address climate and health challenges, and the importance of doing so in the Asia Pacific region.

10 minutes

A climate crisis, a health crisis: working together on solutions


Panel member 1:
Department of Health

Panel member 2:
Climate Change Commission

Panel member 3:
Engr. Wyona Kay Rativo of Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Panel Discussion and Q&A

Panel members each speak 3 minutes in response to the question:

  • We’ve heard about the high cost of air pollution on our health and on our society in the Philippines. How can health and climate practitioners work together to tackle this crisis?

  • Each panel member gets three minutes to give two realistic actions that s/he feels will meaningfully move the needle on reducing the impact of poor air quality on lung health.

  • Moderator leads discussion based on panel members comments and takes 2 or 3 questions from the audience.

    • Moderator closes the panel with final thoughts and asks for one recommendation from each panelist on what personal action webinar listeners can take today that will help address air pollution.

5 minutes



Closing Remarks

Call to action and introduce topic of Webinar #2